“Base Pair have been instrumental to helping us rethink our business and position it effectively for new market opportunities. They have a differentiated scope of services and expertise to assist our strategic growth plans, and are trusted advisors of our management team.”

David de Graaf, CEO, Selventa

Since the company’s founding in 2000, Selventa has been on the forefront of systems biology and its application in the drug discovery process. Over the years the Selventa has progressed its systems biology approach and analytical engine for biomarker identification, and built momentum by helping pharmaceutical firms address several significant challenges, including effective patient stratification for improved clinical trial outcomes, and drug repositioning (ex. Label expansion).

In order to continue increasing the firm’s enterprise value, Selventa engaged Base Pair to help identify adjacent market applications for its solutions, and position the company for new market opportunities.

Base Pair employed its POSITION AUDIT™ as part of an intensive analysis of Selventa’s business, market, and assess new growth opportunities. Base Pair reinforced management’s conviction that the diagnostic market held significant opportunities for its novel approach to biomarker discovery.

The challenge was how to enter that market, and differentiate Selventa’s offering.

Base Pair’s solution was to bridge Selventa’s heritage as a leader in systems biology and the market’s demand for diagnostics that enable true personalized medicine. But doing so rested on first identifying what was Selventa’s current unique value proposition:

Selventa’s analytics engine provides the only molecular, Big Data solution to address the central issue of disease complexity. Specifically, the company’s algorithms can integrate, process, and analyze ALL (e.g. genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic, EMR information) relevant molecular information of a disease, across thousands of patients.

From there, Base Pair crafted a new market positioning for Selventa, one that effectively bridged its heritage and the diagnostics opportunity:

Base Pair positioned Selventa as a “Systems Diagnostics” (SysDx) company.

Base Pair helped develop the narrative for Systems Diagnostics, a major new class of diagnostics that are aligned with the needs of the emerging personalized healthcare ecosystem:

SysDx is a novel class of diagnostic test providing a holistic and comprehensive measurement of the significant disease-driving mechanisms of a patient. Utilizing a wide range of molecular diagnostic information (e.g. genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic, EMR information), a SysDx test results in a highly differentiated, clinically relevant report that physicians and patients can use to understand the unique molecular activity of the disease and provide an optimal, personalized and effective treatment decision.

Within weeks of this new positioning, Selventa gained partnering interest from major diagnostics companies, pharmaceutical firms, and investors. Selventa is at the start of a path that could see the company grow into a next generation molecular diagnostic firm driving the growth of true personalized medicine.