“Base Pair worked as an extension of our executive management team, and directed our marketing and communications strategy. They successfully positioned Bioserve as the leading biological samples biomarker discovery firm for the biomedical market. I have worked with Base Pair for many years on many important projects, and anticipate working with them again in the future. ”

Dr. Kevin Krenitsky, CEO, BioServe

BioServe operated BioServe operated as small Washington DC-based genomics services lab since its founding in 1989 with revenues of $1M. In 2006, BioServe acquired the biobank assets from SeraCare. The challenge for Bioserve was how to position, brand and grow the company in quickly evolving biomedical marketplace.

Base Pair worked as part of the executive management team from day one, and quickly determined that in the post-genome era the key to the success for BioServe was in applying its assets and skills to helping biomedical researchers “validate” genetic and biomarkers: BioServe provides a rich array of genomic and molecular services to help researchers gain an in-depth understanding of the pathophysiology of disease, validate their findings, and then advance the project with confidence.

Base Pair took the lead in articulating BioServe’s position. The team created a new website and marketing materials, developed new corporate presentations, and put into action a high-visibility communications campaign to get the company recognized as the leading voice in genomic/biomarkervalidation. BioServe became a go-to source for media outlets such as NPR, GEN, The Washington Post, BioWorld Today, Pharma Spectrum, GenomeWeb, and as speakers at conferences.

Within 24-months of work with Base Pair, BioServe was widely recognized for having the largest and most diverse private biobank in the world, and as a leading figure in the validation of genetic/biomarkers for new therapeutics and diagnostics. In that time span the company quadrupled its revenue and landed new customers that included both leading research institutions, biotechs, and Big Pharma.

In 2011, Base Pair successfully secured an LOI for a Bioserve acquisition, and secured a technology license to offer molecular diagnostics tests in India.