“Base Pair is a catalyst for our business. They are great to work with and had us delivering more effective messages to the market in no time. As a result, Rexahn has emerged as one the top biopharm companies to watch with a story that is built to last. We view Base Pair as an important part of our team.”

Rick Soni, President and COO, Rexahn Pharmacueticals

With three potential best-in-class drugs in Phase II drugs in development there is little reason that this company should be flying below the radar. Corporate reposition, key message development and PR campaigning has Rexahn climbing on to many pharma partner short lists.

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals is in a position to take advantage of major clinical milestones in 2010/11. To maximize the full value of prospective clinical outcomes, and generate wider market and investor interest, Rexahn is establishing a focused market message, generating market awareness, and developing a compelling market narrative. This is enabling market participants to better recognize and evaluate the opportunity that Rexahn represents, whether in the form of partnership or investment.

BasePair worked to position the company as biopharmaceutical firm “developing multi-indication therapeutics in CNS and oncology”, featuring three first-in-class drugs in Phase II clinical trials. Each clinical stage drug represents a novel CNS-based path to treating major diseases – erectile dysfunction, depression, and Parkinson’s. Getting the message out that Rexahn is a undiscovered drug developer gem, and trading at an exceptional value, is producing results against a challenging economic backdrop.

Within 6 months of work with Rexahn, the company has been profiled in most major biotech business publications, including partneringNEWS, Evaluate Pharma, Fierce Biotech, BioCentury, BioWorld Today.

In addition, Rexahn has raised three successful rounds of capital, gained analyst coverage from Rodman & Renshaw and secured a developmental partnership with Teva, a top 20 pharm company.