“Base Pair is a trusted partner of Seegene. Their work to craft Seegene’s position in the diagnostic market has directly resulted in increased sales and key partnerships.”

Dr. Jong-Yoon Chun, Founder and CEO, Seegene

Seegene, a Korean company, wanted to leverage new proprietary molecular diagnostics technologies to become a recognized leader in molecular diagnostics in markets worldwide.

Base Pair positioned the company as a leading innovator in “multiplex” diagnostics, leveraging their proprietary technologies which are able to detect many analytes in single test. This position was in perfect alignment with the needs of frontline healthcare workers around the world who require rapid and accurate identification of infections for successful treatment and healthcare’s overall shift towards preventative medicine.

Base Pair introduced Seegene to all the key market influencers in the biomedical sector. The power of Seegene’s technology and the benefits of its diagnostic tests were readily accepted.

Within nine months, Seegene went from an unknown company to one recognized as a leader in “multiplex diagnostics”. Within three years the company experienced revenue growth of 100% YoY.

In 2009 (4 years after commencing work with Base Pair) Seegene had a successful IPO on the KOSDAQ. 2011 revenues were USD 50M, and the company continues to grow its global distribution channels, and has gained regulatory acceptance for its tests in Europe and Canada.