About Base Pair

Base Pair is a specialized consulting firm helping life science companies effectively position, communicate and grow in the complex and crowded life-science marketplace.

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We form long and trusting relationships with our clients, and often work as an extension of the senior management team toward achieving their strategic goals. Our clients rely on us to put their interests first. They are also our strongest advocates, which is why most of our business is reference-based.

Base Pair is proud of its track record of success. Whether helping a client enter a new market, increase market share, spark investors’ interest, enter into a strategic alliance, or grow brand presence, Base Pair acts as a catalyst to optimally achieve these goals.


How We Work

Base Pair nurtures deep relationships with innovation-driven organizations in order to optimally position them for success. Serving as a strategic partner, we are completely focused on helping our clients' businesses succeed and grow.

Our Vision to Value℠ approach creates new possibilities for your business, which we bring to life through strategic positioning, astute messaging and partnering to drive maximum market uptake.

Based in Cambridge, MA., our team members are our greatest asset and come from backgrounds such as public relations, client-side marketing and innovation, journalism, market research, strategic consulting and investment banking.

Base Pair approaches every engagement as a value-creation opportunity. Whether you need a strategic deep-think, market awareness, to raise fresh capital, launch a new product or lay the groundwork for strategic dealmaking, Base Pair is a solid partner who can help achieve your goals.


What clients say

  • “Base Pair is a trusted partner of Seegene. Their work to craft Seegene’s position in the diagnostic market has directly resulted in increased sales and key partnerships.” – Dr. Jong-Yoon Chun, Founder and CEO, Seegene

  • “Base Pair worked as an extension of our executive management team, and directed our marketing and communications strategy. They successfully positioned Bioserve as the leading biological samples biomarker discovery firm for the biomedical market.”– Dr. Kevin Krenitsky, CEO, BioServe

  • “Base Pair played a critical part in getting Tepnel known and positioned right in the mar- ketplace. Their insights in crafting the right messages along with their skills in motivating the market in buying into Tepnel were invaluable.” – Ben Matzilevich, CEO, Tepnel

  • “While we have been working with Constantine, our relationship has delivered tangible results in the form of customer leads and an increasing market perception that we are the leader of our market.” – Michael Pellini, CEO Genomics Collaborative, Inc.

Client Successes

  • Featured work

    Seegene wanted to leverage new proprietary molecular diagnostics technologies to become a recognized leader in molecular diagnostics in markets worldwide... Read more

  • Featured work

    Base Pair spurred the uptake of the Tepnel story among top market influ- encers in the biomedical sector. By proactively communicating Tepnel’s key messages in press releases and interviews with key media...Read more

  • Featured work

    Within 24-months of work with Base Pair, BioServe was widely recognize for having the largest and most diverse private biobank in the world, and a leading figure in the validation of genetic/biomarkers for new therapeu- tics and diagnostics... Read more

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